An outdoorsy kind of day

At 2.5 miles long and 800ft wide, Kwajalein could run out of ways to entertain you.  Some people I’ve spoken to are here for the scuba diving and dive whenever they can.  It’s phenomenal, I hear, particularly if you’re in to wreck diving as there are many World War II ships and aircraft sunken in the waters.  Some people like the remoteness and are happy to go home and rest from work, occupying themselves with World of Warcraft, watching TV, reading or other indoorsy pursuits.

Since I’m a short-timer here, I want to soak up the scenery and get in the water however I can.  On this day, I started out with a ride around the airfield on the Old Girl.  There are things to know here when riding in this area such as…

  1. kwajDon’t go off the designated road around the air field.  Common sense tells you to not go on the tarmac, but don’t even go on the grass surrounding the tarmac.  Bad things will definitely be in your future if you do.  Like you could be put on next flight home.
  2. There are also 2 spots along your way around where signs instruct you to stop and look for air traffic– jet blast zones. Don’t proceed if planes are coming in or out.
  3. Since you also ride close to the golf course, there are signs not to proceed if there are golfers at the tees.
  4. There are rules against taking photos on or around the airfield so I’ve pulled the above one from interwebs.
  5. Other than that it’s a completely boring, uneventful bike ride.  Well, except for the brief rainstorm I got caught in, then the pretty rainbow afterwards.

This may or may not have been taken near the airport.

Then in the afternoon, I met a friend for a bit of snorkeling.  I don’t have an underwater camera, so I’ve had to steal the photos from her for this post.  I’ll let them tell the story.


Tiny squid (about the size of my hand)   Photo by Sarah Shultz


The occupant of this pretty house stayed hidden.  Photo by Sarah Shultz


Cool sea anemone which can close up like a pouch.  Photo by Sarah Shultz


Yes, we can still see you under there!  Photo by Sarah Shultz

Sarah thinks I was good luck since we saw so many cool things that day.  We also saw a little octupus and a few more turtles.  Thanks for the great photos and showing me a new place to snorkel, Sarah!


6 thoughts on “An outdoorsy kind of day

  1. Yea, Beth. Keep exploring and sharing exciting photos with all of us — your fans. We love being exposed to some of what you are experiencing. Thanks much for your posts.

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