That time I pushed a city bus in a snowstorm

Like it was 1994 and I was watching a slow-moving, white Bronco on a California highway,  it was mesmerizing, and in all likelihood not going to end well.  I’m referring to the snow that fell on Portland, Oregon last week.  A couple inches was expected; we got a foot. Now Portland knows craft beer, bike […]


There were no flight attendants pointing tightly pressed fingers at the exit doors, no beverage service.  Leg room was limited and I had to crouch under the low ceiling to walk to my seat.  But the in-flight entertainment was about to start, just outside.  Since photos out a murky window aren’t an ideal storyteller, you’ll […]

An outdoorsy kind of day

At 2.5 miles long and 800ft wide, Kwajalein could run out of ways to entertain you.  Some people I’ve spoken to are here for the scuba diving and dive whenever they can.  It’s phenomenal, I hear, particularly if you’re in to wreck diving as there are many World War II ships and aircraft sunken in […]