Monster trucks, dive huts and extra appendages.

Yup.  It’s been a long time since my last entry.  Sorry.  And I’ve been a busy gal so there’s much to tell….where to start????   So last entry ended with my Bethday celebration.  I’m sad to say Beth-tober ended but we entered Joe-vember.  Joe is one of our doc’s in the clinic.   Poor Joe.  We tortured him a bit […]

Penguins pay a visit

Part of my job as the physical therapist on station is to go to different departments and  lecture on back safety, preventing overuse injuries (carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc.) and daily stretching.  Every department has to do something regarding safety every day and I’m one of the possible speakers.  Last week I was talking to the mechanics […]

Learning how not to die in Antarctica and other stories of poop.

Life is carrying on here on the coldest, driest place on earth.  It’s getting lighter at a rapid pace now and when it’s not cloudy, I can see the sun from town.  Yea!  If you remember from my last posting, I reported the sun was sitting very low in the sky and was obscured by some hills near […]

Twelve days in New Zealand

Ugh, what a long series of flights!  I flew from Christchurch, NZ to Auckland, NZ then overnight for 12 hours to Los Angeles, then Dallas, then finally Pittsburgh.  Sigh.  It took about 30 hours in all.  I’ll get on a plane again soon to get back to Maine.  But you don’t want to hear me whine about my […]