This trip has been somewhat in the works for the past few summers but it just never came together.   What started out as a trip to Yellowstone National Park, turned in to a trip to Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks in 3 weeks. I’m currently in Whitefish, Montana staying with an Ice-friend, […]

Soaking up the warmth of Costa Rica

After 5  days of exploring the inland of northwest Costa Rica, we headed to the coast.  First stop, Samara, a cute beach town with a balance of tourist-friendly and local flavor.  After finding a hotel and properly coating ourselves in SPF infinity, we walked around town a bit, then out the beach.  Ahhhhhh.  And my skin was grateful that there […]

How do I say in Spanish, “We’re going to need to call AAA”?

Oh, it’s all part of the adventure, right? Our next destination in Costa Rica was Rio Celeste.  Once I saw the pictures online and in my tour book, I HAD to see this.  It showed these amazing photos of a waterfall with the bluest water I have ever seen short of BerryBlue Kool-Aid.  And I’ve seen […]

Waterfalls, volcanoes and sloths!

Janet and I visited a number of areas in northwestern Costa Rica, including the active La Fortuna.  Here is a tiny town, bustling with activities to chose from….ziplining, boat tours, white water rafting, hikes to waterfalls.  The streets were busy with people going to and from restaurants, hotels, hostels and the like.  We chose a hotel outside […]

A Word on Driving in Costa Rica

I’d imagine that making your way around Central America can have it’s challenges, no matter what form of transportation you take.  My travel mate, Janet and I opted for a rental car while in Costa Rica, which you would think, would provide ease and independence.  That was mostly true. Did you know that Costa Rica doesn’t have addresses?  Yes, you […]

Costa Rica in photos

So instead of a full blog entry, I thought I’d just show some of the photos of the last week.   There are stories to tell of our escapades, but all fun and none requiring a trip to a hospital.  We’ve explored the northwest region of Costa Rica starting inland which are represented in these photos. […]