Where in the world?

Let’s get the geography lesson out of the way.   If you haven’t already exercised your Google muscles, read on.  I’m working on the US Army Garrison Kwajalein Atoll on Kwajalein Island, part of the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) in the North Pacific.  Easy, peasy, right?  Now don’t click back to that Youtube video […]

Living at Macy’s

Over my years of contract work, I’ve developed a system which gives structure to that initial period of chaos and uncertainty in a new town.  Typically I’d arrive 1-2 days before the job starts and I’d find home, then work and food sources.  In the pre-internet-noone-has-a-smartphone-days, the next tier of adjustment would be to hit […]

Acadia National Park – Part 2

I’m going to keep this one limited to the remaining pictures that showcase the beauty of the park.  As of a few months ago, I’m working off of a MacBook but my photo-editing program remains on my PC.  So these are without cropping and refining. Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain: With a few dozen others: On […]