Ten Things I’ve Learned So Far About Kwaj

There are lots of lists out there on the webernet -Top Five Reasons The Eagles Beat the Browns, Ten Strange Things Eaten in China, Eight Things That Will Inevitably Happen When You Get a Pixie Cut. Each one full of valuable nuggets I’m sure.  So here’s one from me about living on Kwajalein.

  1.  You have to change your dread of Mondays. The typical workweek is Tuesday – Saturday to stay in line with the US workweek.
  2. The food isn’t bad. Except for the meat, particularly the under-cooked pork I had a few bites of the other night.  Stay tuned for Top Five Symptoms of Trichinosis.
  3. The Marshallese people are a big part of the work staff throughout the island. Some live on this island but many travel from other islands for work.
  4. A lot of people will say hello to me on the streets. They don’t know me. Don’t want anything. Might even ask how I’m doing. Weird.
  5. Rusty beach cruisers (bikes), some with ridiculous handlebars, are the primary means of transportation here. No one has personal cars, but there are work vehicles and golf carts.
  6. It’s really humid. I forgot what humidity was like living in Maine for all these years.
  7. When someone says bring rain gear, they mean rain pants and not just a rain coat. Although shorts and flipflops with a change of pants at the destination works too.
  8. Kwaj butt – the wet spot you receive when you sit on your bike seat after it rains despite the attempts to use your hand like a squeegee.
  9. Construction DOES occur on weekends in my building.
  10. People are extremely helpful and friendly. I’ve been invited to play tennis, join a swim group, join the outrigger canoeing, been loaned snorkel gear and told about the yoga, pliyo, hobby shop, gym and the movie theaters. I’ve done none of these so far, but don’t be surprised if I stop blogging.

Here are a few shots from my tour around the island.


Dome Housing.  So Hobbit-like!


Peaceful morning


My rusty steed


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