Next stop, Marshall Islands!


Landing in Majuro on my way to Kwajalein


Cocktail on the beach.

Yes, I’m on the road, or should I say, “to the skies,” again for work.   This time to Kwajalein Island in the Marshall Islands.  How did this happen, you ask?  Where in the heck are the Marshall Islands?  Kwaja-what?

Well, the short story is that many people who work in Antarctica will also find work in Kwaj and a former coworker from the Ice notified me of a job opening.  It’s only for about 5 weeks, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.  So after double digit flight time (PWM-ORD-SFA-HNL-MAJ-KWA), with a day lost for crossing the international date line, I’m here — travel weary and jet-lagged but happy to be on a new adventure.   So stay tuned for more!

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10 thoughts on “Next stop, Marshall Islands!

  1. Sweet! Have a great time, keep blogging and let me know if they need any SLP’s for a few weeks. Yonca

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  2. Oh my you do get around. Well here’s to another adventure, my friend. Can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Be safe and well
    Take care

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