Acadia National Park – Part 2

I’m going to keep this one limited to the remaining pictures that showcase the beauty of the park.  As of a few months ago, I’m working off of a MacBook but my photo-editing program remains on my PC.  So these are without cropping and refining.

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain:


With a few dozen others:


On the trail:



Taking a rest by Bubble Pond while biking the carriage trails:




On the Great Head hike.  View of Sand Beach.  The small mountain to the right is The Beehive.  Hikers ascend on the steep (left) side using metal rungs and over narrow cliff edges.



6 thoughts on “Acadia National Park – Part 2

  1. I love your address, “I’m a lucky one ” .
    Interesting but I have a,ways felt that way about my own life also.
    Maybe there is such a thing as karma.
    Keep up that wonderful spirit Beth.

  2. Beth, I love every one of you photos and comments.They always make me want to be hiking and exploring right alongside of you — or trailing behind — or following in your footsteps — or whatever… Thanks ever so much (for all of this and so much more)!

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