This trip has been somewhat in the works for the past few summers but it just never came together.   What started out as a trip to Yellowstone National Park, turned in to a trip to Glacier, Yellowstone and Grand Tetons National Parks in 3 weeks.

I’m currently in Whitefish, Montana staying with an Ice-friend, Julie, not far from the west entrance to Glacier NP.  She has been a fantastic tour guide!  And it’s a perk that she actually IS a local tour guide in addition to working in Antarctica.  So far I’ve hiked, kayaked on a lazy river, berry-picked, made dilly beans, went to the symphony, and toured the park.  I’ve had some down time too which was much-needed, but here’s a quick summary in pictures of the more interesting parts of my trip so far…..



Lonnie, my other Ice-friend, looking for wildlife on our hike in Many Glacier.








A little smokey but still beautiful



I feel like there should be a fly fisherman or a grizzly there in the foreground.



Hiking the Highline Trail.



Bear grass looking like Q-tips in a field.



Highline Trail



Hello hoary marmot



Highline trail – the cliffy part.



I think there are some goats in there somewhere.



Huckleberry love


3 thoughts on “Westward

  1. So happy I’m still on your list! Love following you around the world through email and pictures. You go such interesting places.

  2. Breathtaking photos (and trails)! All beautiful, but especially liked the Bear Grass (Q-tips), the Hoary Marmot who came out to greet you, and the Huckleberry Love. They brought us right in there with you. Thanks so much for sharing.

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