Soaking up the warmth of Costa Rica

After 5  days of exploring the inland of northwest Costa Rica, we headed to the coast.  First stop, Samara, a cute beach town with a balance of tourist-friendly and local flavor.  After finding a hotel and properly coating ourselves in SPF infinity, we walked around town a bit, then out the beach.  Ahhhhhh.  And my skin was grateful that there some lovely oversized umbrellas.

End of a hot day, Samara, Costa Rica

End of a hot day, Samara, Costa Rica

Dinner that night was at Lo Que Hay, right next to where we beached it and across the street from our hotel.  All the tables on the beach were occupied except for one without chairs.  We attempted to take a few unused chairs from a large table to take to this unoccupied table.  We were quickly informed, with a friendly chuckle, that we could use the chairs, but they stayed at the table.  So we accepted the invite and joined the group.  The characters at this table came and went, many expats now locals or those that chose to winter for a few months in the area.  It was a good-natured, interesting group.  And I haven’t been around this much second-hand smoke in a long time.  Somehow the conversation and ocean breeze seemed to deter me from noticing it for long.


Ready to ride, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

So after 2 nights in Samara, we planned to drive up the coast to the town of Tamarindo, a bigger, more popular beach town.  We checked the map and there was a road following the coast.  Now hear me clearly when I say, DON’T TAKE IT UNLESS YOU HAVE TO!  I mean it.  Remember my previous story of the roads of Costa Rica?  Yup.  And no bonus coastal view.  There is no Pacific Coast Highway in Costa Rica!  No matter what it may look like on the map.  Our view was billowing dust set to a soundtrack of constant rattling.  Ok.  So we were warned about this but I didn’t listen.  Lesson learned.


Infinity pool overlooking the Pacific. Ocotal Beach Resort, Costa Rica

We turned around and went back to Samara and after a few short hours, we arrived in Tamarindo.  This cute little surf town was all abuzz with activity.   We grabbed a meal, looked around then headed to our final stop before leaving Costa Rica, Ocotal Beach Resort.  This resort was a bit, um, tired but because it was discounted (Thanks, Groupon), we didn’t mind.  And I was able to dip in that infinity pool before I could complain about the heat.  This place has a spectacular view were we could see the sunrise and sunset.  We spent a few nights here before heading back to Liberia for our flights home to the frigid northeast.

It was lovely meeting you, Costa Rica.  I hope we see each other again some day.


Coati, a local critter. Ocotal Beach Resort, Costa Rica


2 thoughts on “Soaking up the warmth of Costa Rica

  1. I rather miss that life. Costa Rica is a bit more pleasant than Panama, or at least was. I’m glad that you are still enjoying your time there.

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