Waterfalls, volcanoes and sloths!

Janet and I visited a number of areas in northwestern Costa Rica, including the active La Fortuna.  Here is a tiny town, bustling with activities to chose from….ziplining, boat tours, white water rafting, hikes to waterfalls.  The streets were busy with people going to and from restaurants, hotels, hostels and the like.  We chose a hotel outside of town, Hotel Arenal Green, in view of Arenal Volcano.  Our accommodations were the cute little cabins in the picture below.  The staff there were wonderful and helpful.  We did have one night that was less than pleasant.  Our beds were dressed only with a sheet and a sheet.  Ok, it was a blanket, but it was only slightly thicker than the sheet.  Luckily my socks, fleece and hat did the trick because I was about to climb into Janet’s bed for some survival spooning.  Luckily I was never cold again on the trip!


While in La Fortuna, we hiked to La Fortuna falls near town (pictured below), hiked in Arenal National Park and stopped at the Overlook Lodge at the park for a delicious lunch.  This last one is a great spot to view the volcano, particularly at night if it’s active.  Unfortunately and fortunately there has not been active lava flow since 2010.   Also from La Fortuna, we took a day trip to Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge.  This is where I took many of the animal photos from one of the previous posts.  Yea, we saw sloths!  They are such odd animals.  I need to read more about these guys!


It made for a refreshing swim!


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