Costa Rica in photos

So instead of a full blog entry, I thought I’d just show some of the photos of the last week.   There are stories to tell of our escapades, but all fun and none requiring a trip to a hospital.  We’ve explored the northwest region of Costa Rica starting inland which are represented in these photos. I will post more of the coastal towns next.  Costa Rica is a beautiful country full of interesting animals, stunning coastline, and friendly people.

IMG_0384  Rio Celeste in Tenorio National Park

IMG_0324  Kingfisher

IMG_0300    On the Rio Negro

IMG_0116  Snake finishing his lunch (lizard?)

IMG_0329Howler monkey

IMG_0288Green Basilisk (aka Jesus Christ lizard for it’s ability to run on water)



IMG_0168Hiking in Tenorio National Park

IMG_0080La Fortuna with view of Arenal Volcano





15 thoughts on “Costa Rica in photos

  1. Nice photos beth. when you see signs in Costa Rica that say no swimming, I would pay attention. Probably means the river is infested with man eating creatures.

  2. Enjoyed the photos (especially the iguana!) and I definitely concur you are both a gifted photographer and writer… tis fun “traveling” with you!

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