The poop chair and the king

My roommate walks in after breakfast the other day and says in a serious tone, “So have you heard about the poop chair?”  What a way to start a day.   As a matter of fact, I have NOT heard about the poop chair.  And now I can’t start my day until I have.  When you live with a jano (janitor) and a wastie (waste management) you get these stories sometimes.  And so I brace myself.

Apparently someone releaved themself in a plastic chair in one of the lounges.  I know.  You didn’t sign up to my blog to hear this sort of tale.  I will apologize now for the classless nature of this post.  But parents, this is the kinda stuff that sometimes happens at college.  Your kids just don’t tell you.  And McMurdo is one big fraternity house.  And for the rest of you, consider it part of the adventure you’re sharing with me.  It’s not all hut tours and penguins.  The word on the street is that after the Jano’s documented the findings and cleaned it up (they are not paid nearly enough!), the chair was thrown in a dumpster.  The Wasties, when warned, requested that it be labeled so they would know for sure and they can be properly gloved when they remove it.  Also there are plenty of dumpster divers around so it was to warn them as well.  So they labeled the chair with permanent marker:  “Poop Chair.  Do not use.”

Then it disappeared from the dumpster.  And not by the Wasties.  No one knows where it is.

In true McMurdo style, a sign was put up with the pro’s and con’s of the disappearance of the Poop Chair.  One entry being, “ At one point in our lives we’ve all had poop on us and no one ever threw US out.”  Not sure if that was a pro or a con.  The mystery continues.  I will keep you posted if the Poop Chair resurfaces (and I’m almost positive it will).

And then there is the King of Malaysia.  He was in town the other day.  No, really.  The King of Malaysia was here.  He was here to sign the Treaty of Antarctica and to visit the South Pole.  December 14th will be the 100th anniversary of the first expedition to reach the Pole (Roald Amundsen from Norway).  There will be celebrations with distinguished visitors (DV’s) passing through, much to the dismay of the Polies.  Someone in the know said there was weather preventing the plane of DV’s from taking off but they had another plane that could fly in such weather.  This plane was returning to Christchurch for maintenance work though.  What was is need of repairs?  The toilet.  It was out of service for their 8 hour flight.  So the DV’s had what was coined the “honey pot” at their disposal.  Another poop chair, per se.

Be grateful that I have no pictures to post.


8 thoughts on “The poop chair and the king

  1. Omg that was just too funny !!! Oh! By the way happy thanksgiving. If I could send you the smell of the turkey roasting in the oven I would. One of the things that I am thankful for is special friends in my life take care my special friend.

    • Thanks Cindy! I will be smelling my own turkey dinner shortly. We are celebrating today (Saturday). Looking forward to it. And I’m also thankful for my special friends in my life. So, right back atcha…take care.

  2. As an aside I thought I’d mention that as I am reading about the infamous “poop” chair I am placidly sitting in Tim Horton’s (across form where you used to work) enjoying and breakfast sandwich and cup of fine Colombian coffee and thinking to myself “Good on ya, lady”, go for it.
    Cheers, John Light

  3. Perhaps they took the chair for a throne for the king. A little red satin and padding and voila!

    Loving your blog. You are a good writer. Perhaps a book is in your future.

  4. Love this post. I was laughing so loud that Brian ran in the room to see if everything was ok.

    Hope you were able to have some turkey and desserts for your Thanksgiving Day celebration.

  5. Your title The Poop Chair and the King sounds like a potty training book for kids. The title just makes you want to read more. Phil and I had a good laugh.
    I’ll volunteer to cook you a turkey when you get home. Sorry you missed out. Happy Turkey Day anyways. Leslie

    p.s. Instead off teenage girls giggling and drooling behind us at the movie we had older women laughing and grossed out. You soooooo missed out on all the drama but don’t loose sleep over it.

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