What happened to November 4th?

Christchurch, New Zealand

My long journey started Thursday out of Portland Airport at 2:15 and I’ve just gotten to my hotel in Christchurch, New Zealand.  It’s 9:30pm Friday EST right now according to my laptop.  9:30!  But for me, local time is now 2:45pm Saturday.  How did I lose a day?  It’s hard to wrap my head around time zones and the international date line, especially as I sit here with 30+ hours of travel-fuzz in my brain.  All I know is that when I took off from LA it was Thursday and when we landed it was Saturday.  November 4th didn’t happen.  Seek Google for further explanation.

The highlights of the journey:  Feeling like a country girl in the city when walking into the Boeing 777 we took to LAX.   That is a big, beautiful plane!  I have one complaint though.  It’s just cruel that they walk us, coach-classers, past the beautiful business and first class seats.  My seat was more than adequate though.  Just wished the guy next to me didn’t pick his nose so much during the trip.  No, not kidding.  Then there was the overnight flight from LA to Auckland, New Zealand (13 hours).   What can I say about sleeping upright?  You deal with it.  Arriving in Auckland, New Zealand, I’m seeing others that are also Antarctica-bound.  There’s a group of at least 20 just from my flight alone.  Rest assured everyone,  I am with my people now.  On my Christchurch flight, I was seated next to a nice older man who was just starting his 2 week vacation in New Zealand.  He seemed to be a bit worried about me being safe and recommended I be careful of the polar bears.   As we were getting ready to exit, he asked for my full name for when my exploits are on the news.  I’m not going to think too deeply into that.


5 thoughts on “What happened to November 4th?

  1. HEY , It sounds like your adventure has already begun.Great email we really enjoyed it,keep them coming.We spent the day with the Cal fam and enjoyed it.
    Love Dad

  2. I always hate the walk of shame through first class. If you want a good laugh, watch Brian Regan on Youtube regarding flying. He’s a great comedian and has a funny bit on that very subject.

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